Architecture Fountains



SwaySymphony presents the experience of rhythmically in tune dancing fountains.  Our beautifully orchestrated system of devices collaborate to create a magical experience  that seamlessly blends within your designed architecture. 

Our team of Artists, Architects, and Engineers conspire to stimulate your senses; When witnessing the emotional experience of swaying water, you feel a slight mist, brushing against your skin; You hear the serene splash of water gratuitously in tune with the heartwarming melody; You taste and smell the freshness as you reminisce your adolescence escapades of playing with the water.

At Sway Features our goal is to bring the joyous experience of rhythmically influenced water features without the the nuisance of maintenance costs.  Our engineers have implemented design techniques that have lead to our systems requiring little to no maintenance.  Our products have passed vigorous cycle testing to validate the resilient design approaches our engineers implement. 

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