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Day: January 13, 2022

Sylmar Water District Tunnel Methane Explosion

Sylmar Water District Tunnel Explosion – Methane Gas Vapor Intrusion With 17 of its workers as casualties, the 1971 Sylmar Water District Tunnel Explosion became one of the most disastrous in California history. The explosion caused raging gases to come out of the tunnel. Fire Department Division Chief Robert Radke reported that everything in the

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Should I hire a DTSC Vapor Mitigation Consultant

Why is Vapor Mitigation System a Requirement? California was once considered one of the largest contributing states to the world’s oil output.  Many of these high-output oil sources are now abandoned, but the contamination footprint is left behind. Vapor Mitigation involves environmental problems from methane and other volatile chemicals leakage into breathable air and water.

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