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Sway Features is a Design and Construction company focusing on the development of Environmental Vapor Mitigation Systems and Water Proofing Systems.

Sway Features’ team of architects, engineers and contractors collaborate to develop optimized building solutions.

Vapor Mitigation:

SubSlab methane ventilation system Design and Construction.
Methane and Vapor Barriers Design to prevent the Migration of Methane Gas Vapor into Buildings.
LADBS Environmental Methane Test conducted to categorize the Methane Zone for your property.


Below-grade hydrostatic Building Envelope Waterproofing.
Blindsidee Shoring Wall Waterproofing for Front and Back Lagging.
Post-appliedd retaining wall waterproofing forpoured-in-placee or block wall.

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LA County
Methane Gas Hazard
Mitigation Standards

Methane Gas
Vapor Testing:

Environmental drilling is conducted to categorize the Methane Zone Level of a property.
To establish the methane Vapor Mitigation Requirements.

Gas Vapor
Mitigation Design:

Prepared by a license Professional engineer. Gas Mitigation Plans are prepared to outline the design specifications that are required by the LADBS, DTSC, OCFA or any other local building code.

Methane Gas
Vapor Construction:

Specialty contractors are required to install Sub-Slab Depressurization systems and Vapor Gas Barriers. This ensures that contaminated Gases in Soils do not migrate into structures. Passive or Active Vapor Intrusion Gas Mitigation Systems may be implanted depending on the extent of Environmental risks.

Methane Mitigation Construction

Vapor Gas Mitigation Benefits

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems are implemented to prevent the Migration of Methane Gas and other contaminates from entering structures.

Sway Features’ Designs ensure the risk of combustible gases, carcinogens, and other harmful gasses are mitigated. Thus creating a safe living and working environment. Moreover, our methane testing and vapor gas mitigation are designed using proven and modern methods of Methane Mitigation Design and Methane Mitigation Construction. We always provide the highest quality methane mitigation.

Methane Mitigation Design and Vapor Gas Mitigation Methane Mitigation Construction and Vapor Gas Mitigation

DTSC & EPA Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Advisory Mitigate Indoor Air Exposure

Vapor Gas Mitigation System requirements are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). These regularity agencies have established vapor gas mitigation requirements based on the contamination levels that are present for a property. Thus Sway Features Design and Construction Teams implement the required vapor gas mitigation components. Which are based on the Vapor intrusion Screening Level that is established.

LADBS Methane Mitigation Process

The Los Angeles Department of Building and safety establish Methane Mitigation requirements for properties that are located within the Methane Zone. These zones require methane testing to ensure compliance and safety.  Thus these measures are required to prevent the accumulation of combustible hazard methane gas from migrating into structures. There are three steps to the LADBS Vapor Mitigation process | LADBS Methane Soil Test: