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Methane Deputy

Importance of a Methane Deputy Inspection

The Los Angeles Methane Deputy of Inspection handles and approves the installation of Methane Mitigation systems by the LADBS. This program, developed by the LADBS, aims to provide constant inspection and certification for specific construction fields. To ensure mastery in these fields deputies will neatly inspect and approve the construction process. This is due to the inspector of record needing more specific knowledge in that area.

A professional engineer is a requirement to supervise and approve the Methane barrier installation process. The County of Los Angeles Environmental Division and other building departments need it.

The Sway Features team consistsof Los Angeles City-approved Methane Deputy Inspectors and California License Professional Engineers. We provide inspection services for all Southern California projects regardless of the building department’s jurisdiction.

Since installing practices for the methane membrane is complex and sensitive, a continuing inspection is a rule during the application. During this process, the certified inspector shall keep monitoring width sizes and quality guarantee. After the installation of methane barriers, a Smoke Test is the next must to ensure that the application of the impervious membrane is functional. During this test, a high-pressure stream of smoke is inserted beneath the building’s foundation, and leaks are identified during the test and patched on the spot.