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Methane Deputy

Importance of a Methane Deputy Inspector

During the installation of Methane Mitigation systems, the Los Angeles department of building and Safety requires a methane deputy inspector to overlook and approve the construction process. The Deputy Inspection program was developed by the LADBS to provide certification for individuals to provide continuous inspection for specialized construction fields when the inspector of record is not an expert in the particular field.

Other building departments, such as the County of Los Angeles Environmental Division requires a professional engineer to supervise and approve the Methane barrier installations process.

The Sway Features team consists of both Los Angeles City approved Methane Deputy Inspectors, and California License Professional Engineers, to provide inspection services for all Southern California projects regardless of the building departments jurisdiction.

As a result of complexity and sensitivity of the installation practices for the methane membrane, a continuous inspection is required during the application. During this process the certified inspector shall continuously monitor thickness measurements as well as quality assurance. After the installation of methane barriers, a Smoke Test is required to ensure that the application of the impervious membrane is functional. During this test a high pressure stream of smoke is inserted beneath the structures foundation, leaks are identified during the test and patched on the spot.