Laminar Flow Design



SwayGlass is a tranquil stream of water, gently modified to create the appearance of glass.The appearance of SwayGlass is extraordinary, it is common to feel puzzled in the presence of this unique water expression. 

SwayGlass is the most compact laminar water nozzle available in the industry.  This patented technology has been designed to provide a glass like water stream.

Our team of artists and composers have boundless possibilities to embrace SwayGlass; whether it be as a solo performer, expressing the beauty of its magically influenced expression, or if it were to unify with a series of other devices within your SwaySymphony.

Our passionate engineers are enthusiastic about the physics...The chaos associated with an ordinary stream of water results in velocity vectors becoming somewhat unpredictable, or turbulent.  SwayGlass gently controls the velocity vectors urging them to move together in an organized fashion with no obstructions or interruptions. 

The simplicity of the design, along with the manufacturing methodologies are held in great regards amongst the water feature industry.

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