Outdoor Architectural Lights



SwayLights illuminates a selective stream of water or architectural feature.

Our multi-color array of illuminating bands of vibrant light adds an additional mode of expression to your architectural design. 

When designed with our SwaySymphony, SwayLights is controlled to perform a rhythmically steady action of color changes that act as a duet with the performing water device.  Our Composers create a performance that will tell a story expressed through the water feature with the assistance of SwayLights

SwayLights are available in both submersible and dry design variances.   SwayLights uses the latest in LED technology to ensure that the most efficient approach is being implemented,  maximizing the lumens while minimizing the required energy input.  SwayLights implements efficiently designed heat exchangers which allow for optimized cooling approaches, and the highest quality materials to ensure there is a balance of cost effectiveness and longevity.  

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