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Desert Princess Country Club – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Golf Resort Palm Springs – Desert Princess Country Club

Palm Springs is infamous for having some of the best golf courses in Southern California. This Desert is between two large mountains creating a funnel of energy-dense wind. Which has driven the iconic wind farm that is visible on the drive down to the desert.The Desert Princess Country Club  DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Golf Resort Palm Springs is one of the many amazing golf courses in Palm Springs.  This course consists of 27 holes 9-hole courses, a gorgeous driving range, a hotel and a few decent restaurants.

Staying at the Desert Princess Country Club by DoubleTree

The Desert Princess Country Club by DoubleTree is a newer-looking hotel in the lobby with a beautiful entrance and a centrally located bar. Step upstairs and it’s a bit of a different story. Where the rooms are a bit outdated. Also not the best quality compared to other neighboring hotels of this caliber.

The Double Tree has two restaurants. One is located within the hotel, while the other is located across from the golf course’s pro shop. The golf course is in a separate area from the hotel. A short walk down a hallway, over the parking lot, and into the pro shop. The hotel’s bar is mediocre, but the food at the golf course’s restaurant is pretty darn good. The short ribs eggs Benedict is a unique flavor. It’s a necessary energy dense meal before playing a round of 18-holes in the 120°F.

The pro shop is large and slightly aged. There is a lot of open space to have a well-equipped pro shop but they are not maximizing the use of the space.  Bearing this, they carry a series of shirt pants, a few clubs and some hats.

Playing in Palm Springs in summer is a different experience to playing near the beginning of spring. The temperature in Palm Springs can reach as much as 120°F.  Memorial Day weekend is a triggering point for price changes throughout all golf courses in Palm Springs. The green fees significantly reduce during the summer.  Playing 18 holes at this gorgeous and long golf course costs only $30 a person.  This may sound too good to be true, but the fatigue will kick in on the back 9 from extreme heat.  The extreme heat deters golfers from coming to the Palm Springs area. So golf courses have no choice but to reduce prices in an attempt to drive up traffic.

The driving range at the DoubleTree Resort is fantastic, a treat that you will rarely find in the Los Angeles area, this course has an all-grass driving range. The conditions of the range were impeccable, warming up at range is an amazing way to start a round of golf.

 Golf at Desert Princess Country Club by DoubleTree

The Desert Princess Country Club golf course is design routes through a series of communities. The front nine consisting of condos that are native American style architecture. While the back nine include “Villas” or as anyone else would call them, standard single-family dwellings.

Most of the golfers on the course are residents of the community, membership at the golf course comes included with HOA dues. A lot of the locals have their own golf carts, they drive them around like cars from golf course to golf course enjoying the weekend in the desert. Some even have modified golf carts with rims, sound systems, and chips to increase the speed to up to 40 mph.

The Desert Princess Country Club resort consists of three 9-hole courses; Lagos, Cielo, and Vistas. The Lagos is a typical golf course with a large amount of water hazards, but surprisingly, the course is extremely forgiving. It includes wide fairways allowing for easy recovery shots, plus the rough is in good shape.

The Vistas is a links-style course, an imitation of Scottish golf courses placed seamlessly in the desert of Palm Springs.  However, the majority of the fairway is full with bunkers and cacti.  Unfortunately, the Vistas frequently close, and reserve only for tournaments.  Luckily, you get a taste of the link style course on the first hole of Cielo. This single hole plays into the Links style portion of the course which is about a 10-minute golf cart ride away from the pro shop.

The standard 18 holes that you will play on the  Desert Princess Country Club course will start with Lagos’ hole 1 at the Pro shop, and end with Cielos’ 9th hole, which circles back to the pro shop.

The course had impeccable green fairways, and the tee boxes were all in great shape too, but the course lacks identity for each hole. After finishing the round, it feels like you’ve played the same hole 18 times, with exception of the links. You can’t help but have a feeling of redundancy after a period of time.  With this in mind, it is an amazing course, especially considering the cost is $30 dollars in summer.

Palm Springs Real Estate and Technology

Considering the impressive medical care, golf courses, and hotels, most locals own homes in Palm Springs for weekend vacations. With several different casinos in the area, Palm Springs acts as a mini Las Vegas strip, perfect for a weekend getaway. Don’t expect too much though, because the entire city is closes up after 10 PM with exception of the casinos.

This vacation hotspot has really grown and became a sought-after real estate market that has increased significantly over the years. On average, after just 48 days on market, homes in this area sell.  Based off projections, the locals estimate that the market will continuously increase for the next few decades.

To facilitate waste management, the Lamb Canyon Landfill located in Beaumont, CA is one that is close to Palm Springs. It is a landfill consisting of a methane flare station where gas burns off and prevents from escaping into the atmosphere. If structures are built near the landfill, it is likely that local building jurisdiction will require a Methane Mitigation System.

On the way to Palm Springs, you’ll see the iconic array of wind turbines of the San Gorgonio Pass wind farm. A lot of these wind turbines were built in the 1980s. Additionally, some are continuously replaced with newer models. About 2,300 turbines make up the wind farm which on average provides 600 million kilowatt-hours of wind energy every year. This provides energy to the Coachella Valley.

Also, the high-energy winds are formed by the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains. The valley of these two mountains is called the San Gorgonio Pass. A combination of wind funneling from the mountains and heat created by low-pressure gradients forces air to move towards the inland deserts.

Located north of Palm Springs are geothermal wells in Desert Hot Springs. This is a geothermal geographic area in Riverside County, California with several hot springs. Additionally, it has been recorded that around 200 geothermal wells are drilled in this area. Some of these wells are currently used for spas and pools.

There aren’t many oil wells located in northern Palm Springs so Methane Mitigation Systems due to landfills are not common in the area.  So, Vapor Mitigation Systems might be needed due to the number of industrial buildings and other soil contaminants. Thus, implementation of a Vapor Mitigation Design will reduce health risks for occupants who may inhale toxic Vapors.

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